Triaxis PC Editor
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Why develop an application from scratch to manage an old preamp rack, especially when one already exists produced by the outboard manufacturer?

Well first of all because Triaxis is not just an old preamp but probably one of the most extraordinary tube machines even today, capable to treat the signal in a full analogic domain but offering e very effective programming interface. Definitely a superb piece of hardware.

And second because in 2013 between Windows 7 and 64bit OS the Mesa piece of software is definitely not very well working.

My personal experience is that on 32bit version of last Microsoft OSs (Vista and 7, not yet tested on 8) the original Mesa editor software is quite unstable in closing time and sometime even in opening. Where on 64bit OS it simply does not start up, even trying running it in compatibility mode.

Not to talk about the file browsing window Win 95 style which I find really irritating.

On the other hand apparently the manufacturer is not interested in publish a new version of the editor, so given that I quite a lot use Triaxis in my home recording sessions I decided to solve the problem by myself.
Triaxis PC Editor
Triaxis PC Editor - Real Time Control Mode
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